First of all, I just want to apologize for the amount of time it took me to set up a Chibi project page. Those that know me know that things are really hectic right now so I'm not moving as fast as I really want to. However I put up a simple project page for now so that there can be a centralized place where files are stored. It's pretty bare bones but I'll be fleshing it out more and adding tutorials, more schematics, and links to stable software releases. For the software repository, I'll be checking it into the Chibi GitHub repository where people can also download the latest version of the software. I just need to figure out how to use Github. 

So temporarily, I'm putting the software on the project page until I can move it into the main repository. This release is pretty important. I think there was only one public release of Chibi, but since then, it's gotten a lot of testing and I've received a lot of feedback from people in the Tokyo Hackerspace, as well as early users of the software. The feedback was awesome because it spanned a large range of users, from beginners in my microcontroller classes to professional hardware and software engineers. They've discovered bugs, told me ways to organize things better, and also enhance the usability. So this release has a lot of critical bug fixes, some re-organization, and support for a new driver...the AT86RF212. Did I mention that this chip is quite sexy? I think it's going to be a popular one and I think Atmel seems to have done a great job with it.

As for the bug fixes, you can get a detailed list on the Project page.


I'm being a little bit quiet on the blog recently too, due to the volume of activity going on right now. However keep an eye out because there's going to be a lot more schematics posted, tutorials added, and some interesting stuff in store.

In the meantime, gotta finish my Michael Jackson costume lighting...*sigh*...