I think that there’s a lot of people that might not understand how to use the command line shell that comes inside the FreakUSB release. Here’s a quick tutorial about how to add your own custom command to it.

Here’s the original code. I’m using the Tokyo Hackerspace development board and it already has a couple of commands, mostly for playing with the RGB LED. We’re going to add a command to toggle a GPIO.  

I've been bringing up the Chibi boards recently and ported FreakUSB to the ATMega32U4. I've been using FreakUSB for my development on many different boards now over the past year that its been released. Since then, I've also made modifications, ported it to different chips (all AVR tho), and have been tweaking things and fixing small bugs that have been coming up. I think that FreakUSB is at a point where its very stable for me and an indispensable tool for development, especially when paired with a command line parser. Hence, I decided to take some time to collect all the mods, package them up, and do a release.

Here are the main modifications in the v0.70 release of FreakUSB: