Today was kind of strange. The PCB files went out, the parts have been ordered, documentation's been written, license was changed, and the release was issued. I really had nothing to do today and it was a strange feeling. I started getting fidgety so I decided to investigate a problem with my USB device stack on Linux that someone reported. No problem found...worked on Ubuntu. Great. After such a long time pushing myself with all the stuff that needed to be done, having an involuntary free day like this was really eerie. I didn't know what to do with it.

Another strange thing was that Michael Jackson passed away. I was always a big fan of his, since my days as a pro dancer. If you're in the entertainment biz, you can't help but admire MJ, who was one of the few people that really knew how to put on a show. There's a reason why MJ, JJ (Janet Jackson), and Madonna are still the reigning icons in pop. My wife was devastated. She's a member of an online social fan club for MJ in Japan and I had to pretty much forcefully hold her back from buying a ticket to LA.


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