I plan on putting a much lengthier post about this together later, but one of the things I've been working on over the past two and a half years is working with friends to build a community in the Japanese countryside. The cost of accomodations is extremely low and the natural setting is stunningly beautiful. It's all within an hour and a half from Tokyo too. Me and some other hackers/techies decided to move out there and set up a live-in hackerspace where we could pool our equipment and tools and work on interesting projects.

Since the beginning, its grown to about twelve people in the community, and we hang out with other very interesting artist and organic farming/permaculture communities in the area too. We also acquired a cafe and another house that we use as a co-working space. An added bonus is that NTT did a trial rollout of gigabit internet service in the area so we have our places set up with gigabit fiber. Most people ended up renting their own places now and we all hang out and work on projects together. You'll definitely be hearing more about it later. 

In the meantime, we recently got covered in a magazine called NeoCha. If you have a chance, please check it out :)

Hackerfarm in Kamogawa