Well, well, I feel much better now. The taxes are behind me, my wife's play program pamphlet that I had to work on is finished, and I took care of some other small errands that I needed to do. Other than that pesky job thing, I have a plethora of free time now, so I thought I would burn some of it by rambling on in my blog.

One of the interesting things about this blog is that it was originally just meant for me to archive my development progress on the software stack that I'm working on. From that, it somehow morphed into a news and information site. Probably my fault, since writing about Zigbee gossip is more interesting than writing about buffer handling. 

Well, that's beside the point, but I do thank the people that emailed me and expressed their appreciation, suggestions, and comments. One of the changes to the site is that there was a management shuffle and my dog is now the CEO . Any problems or disagreements with the content should be taken up with her. You can email either of us via the Contact button.

Some other things that I want to do in the future are:

  • Add more comparisons. The chip comparison seemed to be well liked and I'm now thinking of adding some other ones that at least would interest me. Some examples are: Zigbee module comparisons (since not everybody wants to design a Zigbee board from scratch), wireless sensor protocol comparisons (since not every protocol is a good fit for every application), and an enhanced version of the Zigbee SoC comparison which focuses on the MCU since dev tools and MCU peripherals didn't get quite the attention they deserved in the last one.
  • A layer-by-layer Zigbee tutorial. There are a lot of tutorials out there that are quite good but paint broad strokes and leave a lot of the technical details out. I want to put together a tutorial that's less directed at the general public, and more towards the techie types that are actually doing an implementation.
  • Flash-based interactive tutorials. I've been studying flash recently because it's kind of cool. No I'm not going to put a Flash movie on the opening page. I've simply realized the limits of trying to explain something like the AODV routing algorithm with words. Even pictures can't do it justice because you need to see it in an action sequence to fully grasp how the mesh routing protocol works. Flash is probably the easiest way to implement something like this. Anyways, can't hurt to learn something new. By the way, do you know how many web technologies and programs you need to learn just to put together a simple site like this one? It's mind boggling!
That's basically it for my upcoming plans. Can't say for sure when I'll be able to finish them, but at least there's a place for them inside my littered brain. It's actually quite a lot considering I can only spend about 1-2 hours a day on the blog if I'm lucky. Of course this is all dependent on keeping the wife off my back during the 'me' time. Until then, sayonara.