Well, it was home to me for over two decades of my life, but I can't say I miss it much. My old hometown was in Irvine, CA in the US and I was suprised to see it make the news . Nothing too exciting usually goes on there...just your average suburbia life. Well, except for the one time they found out that the Florida Cocaine Queen lived there. However I did start noticing the last few times I went back that kids ten years younger than me were driving around BMWs and frantically talking on their fat phones (crackberries). And the guys I knew that used to sell drugs were now selling mortgages. But I guess I never put two and two together to see that it was so addicted to <gasp> subprime </gasp>. Well, at least when I go back to visit my parents, I won't feel like such a poor slob driving around my $9/day rental (Priceline).

Irvine Spectrum