I'm feeling good. It's been a while since I was able to say that. I've been hit with a cold lately that pretty much sapped all the energy out of me. During that time, I gave myself a brief respite from blogging and just focused on resting and writing software. The time off was good for me though because it gave me a chance to think about the site. I originally had three main goals for this site:

  1. Provide a journal of my efforts at writing a Zigbee protocol stack.
  2. Provide a place of instruction and information regarding Zigbee.
  3. Cover industry news.

It feels like recently, I've been covering a lot of news, but neglecting the first two goals which are the most important in regards to this site. I must say that the wireless sensor network industry has been pretty exciting lately. It feels like there's a new standard created almost every week. But I think I'm going to tone down the news coverage a bit and target it more towards news directly related to Zigbee. For general WSN industry news, you can't beat the WSN blog .

As for the other two, I'm going to start focusing on them more and try and generate posts similar to the Zigbee Chip Comparison Chart or tutorials on the inner workings of the spec. It's more in line with my original goals for how I wanted the site and hopefully, it will also free up more time for me to work on the software, which is the main goal. 

Anyways, if I cover the news too much, I start to feel like a marketing person. Ugh. 

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