I've just made some changes to this website that I think have needed to be done for a while. It's just that I was too lazy before.

One of the things that I did was get rid of the stupid "Recent Posts" tab at the top. I also filled the top folder tabs with more meaningful topics to help navigate the site better. The "Most Popular Recent" tab arose because I noticed that the topics in the "Most Popular" tab never went away. Since they were there, they would just keep on getting clicked on and drive up their rankings. The Most Popular Recent will display the most popular posts within the past 30 days. That way, there's more of a churning of the topics. 

Other changes are that the front tab is a Zigbee News tab. There's more explanation for that down below. I also added a "Featured Articles" choice so that I can point people new to the site to articles that I think might be the most useful. My blog tends to build up a lot of clutter and I think it's hard to sift through it so I want to make it easy to find the posts that I think would be most helpful.   

Another important change I made was to the RSS. The main RSS feed (the one you're probably reading this on) stays the same, however I will start posting News to a separate Zigbee News feed . One of the things that irritated me before was that all of my News posts were cluttering up the front page and the RSS. I originally envisioned this blog to be more focused on instructional and development journal topics but the News posts ended up taking over. So now I will post the News topics to the Blog/News section and there will be a separate feed for it. That way, I can just post a shitload of News (actually I just did that) without cluttering up my main page. The News can be checked on the main page from the "Latest Zigbee News" tab if you're so inclined. It will display the titles of the latest eight posts in the News category.

Regarding the News, I don't want it to take up a lot of my time since I should be focused on writing the software. So I am now just posting links to Zigbee related news that passes by me without adding much commentary (except for the occasional witty, intellectual interjection, ie: dude, check this one out...). I don't feel like my commentary contributed much anyways. However I will probably be putting up more news posts since I heavily filtered the topics before due to the clutter and the lack of inspiration to write the commentary. This time, I'm more of a pass-through so the readers will have to filter the good Zigbee news from the trash. Get ready for the firehose!

That's about it. Hopefully, these changes make it easier to navigate the site and find things that may be helpful to you.