April Fools Day is coming so I thought I would compile a list of pranks that the Zigbee Alliance can play on us.  

Top 10 April Fool Jokes that the Zigbee Alliance can play on us:

  • Hide yo momma jokes randomly in the spec and see if anyone finds them.
  • Zigbee 2006 will be obsoleted and only Zigbee Pro will be supported.
  • Announce a policy of annual Zigbee spec revisions with no backwards compatibility.
  • Microsoft will be joining the Zigbee specification committee.
  • Note: They authored the 8000 page OOXML spec, and are believed to be corrupting the vote currently going on to adopt it.
  • They announce a new layer with an additional multi-hundred page spec on top of the 500 page Zigbee spec and 300 page 802.15.4 spec.
  • They spent too much money at the last few open houses so the next one will be at the Motel 6 in Oakland.
  • motel 6
  • Announce an investigation into creating a new adult toy profile.
  • They make 802.15.4 beacon mode and guaranteed time slots a requirement for Zigbee compliance testing.
  • I become the official spokesperson for Zigbee.
Yes I realize there are only nine. My special number font only went up to nine.

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