I just got the powerpoint presentation for the new WS2861 from World Semi. They make the seemingly ubiquitous WS2812 RGB LEDs that are scattered around Kickstarter and the maker community.

 The WS2861 looks really interesting because you can hook it up in such a way as to provide redundant links. This is huge for things like wearable LEDs which I'm quite involved in. When dancers move, there's so much stress put on the tape and devices that things break all the time. For LED tape, its horrible because they are serially chained. If one LED dies, then the whole tape dies from that LED on. I've had to chase down so many broken LED connections backstage before performances. Anyways, having redundant links can prevent when a single LED goes bad or data line goes bad. Unfortunately, if both lines get cut, you're still screwed, but at least with one redundant line, you have much better protection against the ubiquitous line break. There are also other interesting new features too so check it out :)



World Semi WS2861 RGB LED Controller

p.s. Here's the original pdf file of the WS2861 presentation