Hi all.

Sorry about the delay in releasing the ATXMega boards. There's some good news and bad news.

The bad news is that there won't be SPI DMA support. I was validating the SPI DMA feature and found that DMA transfers for an SPI master can't be made directly to an SPI port. They can only be made to a UART configured as an SPI master. This would have required swapping two pins, but still wouldn't have been much of a problem. The real issue is that when I configured a UART as an SPI master and sent data through it, I ran into what looks like a hardware bug that leaves some SPI transfers incomplete. Here's a shot of a 2-byte transfer:


Hence, I've made the decision that I won't be supporting the DMA to SPI feature. I apologize since I believe there were some people that were looking forward to that feature. For people looking for DMA'd wireless transactions, I'd recommend the EconoTAG from Redwire. Its based on the Freescale MC13224 and supports DMA to the radio FIFOs. It's also designed and supported by Mariano Alvira who is a frequent contributor to open source and the Contiki project. 

The good news is that the memory to memory DMA feature is working so that people doing a lot of block copying can now offload that from the MCU.

Anyways, that was the last thing standing in my way to release the ATXMega boards. The boards are now in the shop and I've also put together a set that consists of an MCU board, radio, antenna, and standoffs.

Thanks for the patience and sorry about not supporting that feature. Here are the links to the products:

ATXMega MCU Board Link

ATXMega MCU + Radio Set Link

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