This is a simple application that acts as a bridge between Chibi/chibiArduino and Wireshark. The Chibi/chibiArduino stacks need to be put into promiscuous mode. From there, raw 802.15.4 data frames are output via serial port (virtual COM port) to WSBridge which feeds them into Wireshark.

WSBridge v0.51

  • Fixed issue regarding cpu utilization on Linux
    • On Linux, I assumed the serial port read was blocking so it wouldn't consume CPU cycles. However it is not and it was causing the CPU utilization to go to 100% when Wireshark connects. I added a select() statement which will block until data is available on the serial port. This reduces CPU utilization since the process won't execute until there is data from the serial port.

Link to WSBridge v.0.51

WSBridge v0.50

  • Initial release

Link to WSBridge v0.50

Updated 2011-05-18: I've been getting complaints that when running Wireshark and WSBridge on Windows machines, cpu utilization starts going very high. Wireshark just recently fixed a bug on Windows related to sending in data via named pipes from v1.4.2. Click here for more info regarding the bug .