I'm happy to announce that I just released the chibiArduino library v1.03. The library functionality is very stable these days and the main changes were minor bug fixes and updates. The main change is that settings for the Freakduino long range wireless board were added and tuned. I also did a major update to the chibiArduino usage documentation which hadn't been updated since 2010. It was painful reading through it and I really need to be more disciplined about maintaining documentation, especially since the design releases will be accelerating. For a full list of the changes for the latest release, you can go to the chibiArduino project page.

I'm also starting a new tutorial series called "walkthroughs" which are designed to be board specific and get people up and running on each board quickly. The first walkthroughs will be for the Freakduino 900 MHz Long Range Wireless boards and cover basic setup/usage, radio configuration, and power management. I'll be adding walkthroughs for the 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz boards soon since they're all cover the same topics and should be fairly similar.

That's about it for the announcements. Things are busy and exciting these days. Hope you enjoy :)